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>> our work is not yet done. the campaigning is nearly done, now it's up to you, tomorrow is election day. good evening. election preparations are under way for the big day. barack obama is on his way air force one is expected to land at o'hare around midnight tonight burning him home after another whirlwind day on the campaign
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trail. >> are you fired up? are you ready to go? filing through eight of the most competitive states in the waning hours of the campaign barack obama one more time asking course supporters in backers who might otherwise stay away come to the polls for us. >> the people's verdict in chicago and the world's media already in position at mccormick place, the stage set security, tight. the end of the trail along every step of which he has worked to set himself apart.
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>> we know america has always done better, we have always promised everybody gets a fair shot. everybody is playing by the same rules, that's what we believe, that's why you'll elected me in 2008 and that's what i am running for a second term as president of the united states. >> the president pushing for a high turnout in his final day on the campaign trail his opponent still at a pushing for a wave of support as he continues his campaign. a razor-thin margin separating these two candidates, this late in the game everything is on the line, today mitt romney is a wondrous day on the campaign trail, this is his last
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stop before voters make their decision tomorrow. run these people say they have knocked down 13 million doors and tried to sell the romney message to 59 million voters they made contact with during the campaign the message more recently is with a race this close we cannot let up now. the notoriously fickle voters in massachusetts are critical to watch. the independent nature of these voters means new hampshire could shift its support in the final days since 1972 they voted the way of the presidential winner every year except to. that's one
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reason why he will make his last stop in manchester tonight. >> this is much more than our moment, this is america's moment of renewal promising and optimism. we have journeyed far and wide in this campaign for america's future and now we're almost home. >> tonight mitt romney is quite literally coming home, and we are 50 mi. away from his summer home in new hampshire 50 mi. away from his home in belmont massachusetts where he will be casting his ballot tomorrow. we will be broadcasting it all to give you the results. we will get to the electoral college in
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just a moment but first let's talk about to the popular vote we have three different polls and they all say something different. this election gets decided by a handful of states that we call the battleground states, there are about nine different states, it's about the size of the country of france and it's about that population that will decide who our president is. 49 percent for mr. obama 50 percent for romney, but these are three different polls we are looking at right now. here are some other interesting things, in polls that say who cares about the middle class so critical, obama
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wins that one. the numbers that will get the next president of the united states this is what cnn and others are saying basically right doubt it looks like president barack obama can rely on 201 electoral votes this is what is so critical. what is the easiest path to get these guys to the white house? with his number, 201 essentially what we have to turn around is ohio which is a critical state wisconsin and iowa and iowa is leaning towards obama right now if he gets to 71, he is reelected. now let's turn it around romney says not so fast i want an easy path to the white house but there is
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no easy path for you here is the easiest. va., and florida those three. but do the math, that's still not 270. he still needs to pick up either new hampshire or iowa, he needs those two states if he is going to break 270. iowa is leaning towards obama right now. tomorrow night one of the first things to look at is obviously the east coast states will vote first in terms of the numbers but keep your eye on of virginia because the va is critical, if romney loses va. the handwriting may be on the wall, florida will be called or round that same time as well if romney loses florida the handwriting is on the wall and pennsylvania and ohio, all of those are in the first batch. if one picks up
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virginia and that when he is likely and he has a pretty decent chance in florida if he picks those to up than his race continues. no republican has ever won without ohio. you expected there may be some early calls by the big networks tomorrow? >> the network calls also depend on the exit polls for the first time ever we're doing much to our exit polls around the country we're only looking at battleground states. maybe perhaps in the past there have been some bad predictions into that kind of thing. they are blue they are going to stay below, they are not as much of a
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concern. blue they're not going to be much a big concern. we will look at all 50 tomorrow. there's a pair of south suburban election judges fired on election eve with some accused of the boater tampering, called into question was this photo snapped by the country club hills resident last friday anonymously who thought something was fishy an election judge cracked open a voting machine early claiming they were checking the supplies but all their once accused them of stuffing ballots either way they would not stand for it. >> election judges are told that they're supposed to set up the precincts' at the same time together and in this case they had agreed to set up to date of 5:00 so in theory, no one should have been looking in the supply carrier on friday afternoon.
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>> there is a controversial measure on the ballot at country club hills to reduce the size of the city council but have some wondering if that had something to do with this incident and the poles will open tomorrow morning and they will remain open until 7:00 in the evening. if you are not sure where your election polling place is too confined out at: we will check on the polls at wgn news that 5:00 tomorrow. the entire team begins at 7:00 and as always you can follow all of this throughout the evening with/decision 2012. zeroing in on immigrants leaders put in
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party politics aside in an effort to get more immigrants to go to the polls and a high- profile search near joliet that has attracted the attention of stacy peterson. peterson's family.
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>> investigators stepped up efforts today in their ongoing search to find stacey peterson. >> the fifth anniversary of stacy peterson is disappearance was last month yet it was evident from today's search that illinois state police are not stopping their efforts to find her. stacey peterson has been missing since 2007, her husband drew is in prison for killing his third wife kathleen savio today acting on tips state police assisted by fbi and the fire department searched the woods in wilke county there were looking for clues about stacy. state police initially said they were conducting a training exercise and then admitted the search was part of an ongoing
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criminal investigation officers searched on land and by boat that used dogs from plainfield all searching in areas where stacy's body may have been left stacy's friend a family spokesperson told me by phone that any activity is a good thing in this case. people keep coming forward with information... >> she tells me she spoke with investigators but she would not divulge what was said, this is one of many searches over the years for stacey peterson. the significance of this one isn't known yet to but stacy's family is convinced that a vital clue leading to her body will eventually surface. >> we're just hopeful that one of them will come forward with information that will help us find stacy. today the search didn't turn up any new evidence
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but fbi investigators tell me they will be out here again tomorrow morning. >> funeral services have been scheduled for a fall in chicago firefighter, kathleen herbert johnson died friday night after she was overcome by smoke fighting a fire in the city's gage park neighborhood that will pay their respects later this week visitation will be held from 3-9 at st. rita high- school the funeral mass is set for 11:00 a.m. on thursday at that school as well in naperville family and friends gathered today at a public way to remember the life of justin pflug kautskyplowkowski he was stabbed to death by his mother, funeral services are scheduled for tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. at st. elizabeth's church. a preteen handcuffed in front of his home some claimed it was racial
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profiling tonight the results of an internal investigation
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tonight an internal review found that he did not do anything wrong but the mother of this teenager says that this fight is far from over she will continue this city got a detailed explanation from the surgeon who conducted that review in it she says the officer had sufficient cause to stop the 13 year-old on august 30th as he was handcuffed and detained for seven minutes because he matched the description of a burglar the person was described as a black male wearing cargo pants which is very similar to what the teenager was wearing that night the mother says it should raise awareness about racial profiling that perhaps police should learn to question. the 14 page report meanwhile clears the officers involved and to advisory psittacine committees agree with those findings. if it had been me in that particular situation
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and the perceptions they got because of what happened in front of them are probably would have done the same thing. while we are disappointed with the results we are not surprised because we know that internal affairs typically those departments have difficulty policing themselves in being objective. the officer has been cleared and does remain on the job the police department in the meantime plan to bring in some additional training in order to address concerns that the public here in evanston may have as far as the green wall family they will move forward with a lawsuit against the police officer citing violation of fourth amendment rights they think that case will wrap up at some point at the end of the year. you may have noticed a big drop in prices at the gas pumps lately why we are experiencing the biggest drop in four years.
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a new pacemaker that operates from the power of the beating heart current battery operated pacemakers are about the size of a fist and need to be replaced on average every five years but university of michigan engineers created a pacemaker the size of a penny power by the movement of the heart and still delivers the same electrical impulses of current pacemakers to regulate our health. controlling blood pressure is a smart move and if not doctors say that the brain suffers, it literally ages the brain, they were particularly troubled by findings of
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accelerated brain aging even in people'speople's blood pressure that was not high enough. healthy habits do make you live longer you can add up to 14 years at your life if you adopt better exercise and eating routines the key is reducing risk factors beginning at age 45 the statistics come from multiple studies of people aged 45-95. tom skilling says we could see another small burst of warm weather.
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a little bit of rain for election day? >> a little bit to but you will see this on tomorrow. the big concern is out on the east coast where those folks may be under assault again by mother nature. more on that in the moment but here is a beautiful picture from botanic garden. diane a
9:30 pm
certainly saw the frost this morning from turbinate. we only recovered to about 43 this afternoon and the reason was that these clouds that caveman off of the lake. came in off of the lake. we had hoped that these might break but they did not we have a system passing through to the south of us that bypassed the area. november is now eight degrees cooler than one year ago not surprising because we will have a hard time reproducing anything close to last winter. the month as a whole is running 5.2 degrees below normal and we have the
9:31 pm
below normal spell or we will buy tomorrow. it's been three years since we put that many below normal days together. there's quite a reservoir of cold air developing up north. by the time we get to this weekend lows this morning went down to 20 at mchenry. we even had some upper teens reported in parts of dekalb county. we could get
9:32 pm
some evaporative cooling and take raindrops and pellets abies. the rain is becoming and more common because of the snowpacks developing up in canada. there are rain and thunderstorms towering through the south. there have been weather watches this is the nose of a powerful jet stream that once it emerges out here in the
9:33 pm
atlantic gulf stream heat in the energy and moisture it is supposed to release been up as you can see here is a look at where it will be by morning. then this thing deepens quickly and it encounters a blocking ridge up to the north that may be a byproduct of the planetary worn warm-up. here's a closer look at its precipitation. the winds are always fascinating to watch. look how they picked up on the coastline. 52 mi. per hour in parts of connecticut. this will
9:34 pm
throw moisture back on shore and also a lot of high tides it will not be a sandy because we don't have astronomical high tides. coastal flood advisories are in effect as well. and from a researcher at the university of miami he points out that sandy was stronger than katrina in terms of surface energy and stronger than andrew or whohugo. it had more damaging power than any of those storms. clubs
9:35 pm
break and chilly tonight temperatures mid-20s inland. a high of 48 for election day. then we could be flirting with 70 degrees part of this weekend. and then talk about thunderstorms for the bears game may be. is it possible that because louisiana was a bathtub so speaking just held all of the water from katrina and that's what it looked so much worse than sandy?
9:36 pm
>> i think there is truth to that. this integrated kinetic energy takes into account the area of which the wind is blowing so it's a better index then looking at the damage potential of all of these storms. >> a bipartisan push to get voters to close a new effort in encouraging immigrants to get out and vote. the name your price tool shows you a range of coverages and you pick the price that works for you. great. whoa, whoa, jamie. watch where you point that thing. [ mocking ] "watch where you point that thing." you point yours, i point mine. okay, l-let's stay calm. [ all shouting ] put it down! be cool! everybody, just be cool! does it price better on the side? no, it just looks cooler. the name your price tool only from
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the cold cycle and with tide coldwater his teddy bears are clean. polar bears. that's our tide for conserving energy. >> voters in southern florida getting some national attention after some waited nearly nine hours to cast their ballot over the weekend so many residents waited until the last minute to vote, a polling places did open until late saturday night. we're going to close on time but then they said no let's keep it open. florida's democratic party filed a lawsuit over the boater confusion. a group of voters in chicago are getting a last- minute push before election day several of their immigrant organizations are actually
9:40 pm
asking the city's immigrant community to make their voices heard tomorrow. in chicago's neighborhood the sprint to election day took to the streets to get out the immigrant vote. we need to show our power, we need to be respected we need to make a difference. rallying activists but for voter turnout all-around where new americans could prove a powerful demographic. the illinois coalition of immigrant and refugee rights is saying it's registered more than 26,000 new voters this year in the chicago area. we fight for freedom of
9:41 pm
speech we fight for the right to bear arms but we also have the right to vote. with a large immigrant population that responsibility is taken seriously. some organizations were twice as likely to vote than those who were not contacted. still ahead, a
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after hurricane sandy slammed the east coast right now authorities say at least 110 people have been killed in the united states, at least 1 million homes and businesses still without power in new jersey tonight. in new york power outages have shut down some election booths and officials may ask for an extra day of voting to make sure that everyone who wants to cast a ballot gets an opportunity. yes boating is on my mind even though i am living in all of this mess i still employ him. runners who plan to participate in the new york city marathon in stead when to staten island to help flood victims when the race is cancelled. its operating shelters and giving out food and water. filling up, millikin
9:46 pm
along with supporting documents, a couple thousand people a month are expected to use the new system. gas prices taking the biggest drop in nearly four years and local drivers are paying less at the pump experts say that superstores sandy played a big part in the gas drops because fewer people could travel. here in chicago gas is at $3.59 compared to an average of $3.47 throughout illinois. let's go to tom skilling. it will be a chilly election day but it will start with some sunshine
9:47 pm
tomorrow there's no reason not to go to the polls. we have big happenings across the continent a couple of different spots in debacle in jet stream gives rise to the big trough while the ridge building across the center gives rise to our forecast of warming over the weekend watch how fast this storm comes together off the east coast. these things move off to the gulf stream and explode with all of the energy on the back side of it. this is the period in which the mid atlantic... we mentioned just a moment ago that sandy has the equivalent energy of to hiroshima atomic bombs. this new storm we look at the central pressure there has only been one land falling east
9:48 pm
coast hurricane. you can see all of the models are putting this latest nor'easter at 20 millibars or more above what sandy did and we don't have the full moon still look at the tides that are forecast from chesapeake bay battery park had a 14 ft. storm surge it will be 7 ft. perhaps in this one and here is the warm-up for the weekend this is really going to be something for us and then return dramatically cooler next week and we could get a lot of rain that could impact the bears game sunday night. but election day 2012, 59 thursday and 58 friday, then the wins stacked from the ground up into the jet stream from the south and they blow all of this warm air in
9:49 pm
that's the way you warm-up this time of year to 70 degrees it will be a nice week if you don't mind dodging a couple of thunderstorms. and pat fitzgerald may have done some of his best coaching dan roan is next in sports. we put a week's worth of bad odors in a home. some aerosols may just mix with them. can febreze really remove them? we asked real people what they thought. take a deep breath for me. describe the smell. it's very pleasant. fresh. some kind of flower maybe? remove the blindfold...
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>> he is starting on a new stratosphere, nobody can touch this guy. can we trade for him? >> no. we were looking at the tape from yesterday it is every bit as wild as when we watched it live but only one of seven victories in what looks the very least like a playoff season there were some offensive line issues that have to be cleaned up as the bears really want to turn this into something special but that defense a group that should keep the bears in game even as the schedule turns a lot more rugged and he
9:53 pm
will always be a turnover waiting to happen. not just that he's able to knock the ball out. you are what your records say we are a good football team we are excited about players. we realize that and we're going to embrace it. we have not peaked yet. they're on the road against michigan. michigan has a quarterback issue. devon gardner
9:54 pm
a converted receiver with spectacular against minnesota. and a lot more football over the weekend. i said what did you were watching college football on saturday? >> it always goes down to the fourth quarter when you are in the grind you don't really get a chance to see that. it's one thing for me to say it and it's another thing for them to realize it. northwestern basketball practice was already wrapped up. maybe some of these guys are morning people. they may not have john sheridan any more but they do have something they normally do not have. we
9:55 pm
are pretty stable that way i would say. it's definitely solid. it definitely translates into better defense rather than more rebound in which we struggled with in the past. it means less banging around for me possibly. in vegas yesterday they took their worst beating in more than a quarter-century all the favorites like the bears were winners and the teams made out big finally tonight we say goodbye to jim durum the long time bulls and nba announcer that passed away at the age of 65 he was a beloved part of the wgn family for years. he had been the voice of the nba on espn radio a hall of famer and this was maybe his most memorable call, the 89 playoff of the balls in cleveland.
9:56 pm
>> the inbound pass comes in, a shot the bulls win! cleveland cavaliers, michael jordan had said in the foul line. hits it in the foul line. >> i have known gem for 40 years. since college. i worked with him a lot on college teams, it's so shocking, he was the consummate pro the best basketball players let the game come to him. people that learned the broadcast world from him... never a negative word about him. >> he is one guy you could ask anyone, they never said a bad word about it. >> that's the news for this monday night.
9:57 pm
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